There is a bewildering array of paper types, sizes and coatings out there that you can use for your leaflet printing project, making it difficult to pick the paper that’s right for your project! This article sheds some light onto the different options available.

Pick the right GSM

The first thing you’ll want to consider is the GSM per paper. This might sound confusing, but it basically is the thickness of the paper you are using. Often, office paper is between 80gsm and 100gsm, so these are best avoided for leaflet printing as it could result in a cheap look and feel.

Instead, aim to go for a thicker paper like 150-170GSM which is a good mix of quality and price. Alternatively, you may be looking to go for a post card style look, in which case 300GSM paper may be better.

Why not try coated paper?

Coated paper can also be used to create special effects on the page or for a premium look. There are different types of coating, for example silk or satin coating that looks really professional and high quality. On the other hand, a  textured finish can be used to add a rustic effect. These finishes are a great way to compliment graphic elements on your leaflet printing project. For example, a leaflet with a stainless steel look could be complimented with a matte finish.

Pick the right size

Another important consideration is paper size. It’s best to decide this before you start, as it can affect both your design and leaflet printing budget. It’s important your designer is briefed on the size of your design early, as it’s hard to change this later. Of cause a design could be scaled down, but this can create issues with readability if text has to be shrunk down to half the size.

Your leaflet can be folded in several ways to either maximise text space or front cover space. For example, folding an A4 piece of paper in half results in a leaflet with a large front cover, but with less pages to write on. Meanwhile, a leaflet folded in to three creates more columns, which are easier to read and suit large amounts of text better.


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    April 2013