When planning your leaflet printing campaign, there are a number of things you will need to make sure it is a success. This article shares four important things you need to have in place to ensure your campaign delivers a good ROI.

The Designer

The most important part of any campaign is the designer. Having the right designer is essential, as you need someone who understands your brand, your customers and why they pick you as their provider. Without knowing these things, your designer may end up producing a leaflet printing campaign that does not target your customers well enough, or doesn't demonstrate the key benefits of your product or service.

If there’s one thing you don’t want to cut costs on, it's the choice of designer. I would recommend paying more here to ensure you are working with someone who knows his stuff, and preferably has some case studies of previous works in the same industry.

The Right Images

Having the right images is another important consideration. Not only do they have to show off your product or service in a good light, but they also must be in the right format. Standard digital artwork used RGB colour at 72DPI. Meanwhile, print images use CMYK colour at 300DPI. But what does this mean? CMYK refers to the type of colour used. The cyan, magenta, yellow and key format is an additive colour format, where colours are added to a white piece of paper. Meanwhile RGB is subtractive, meaning colour is taken away to create new colour, and is only used on screens. When you plan your leaflet printing campaign, make sure your artwork is in the correct CMYK format and at 300DPI or colours will look wrong and there will be a lack of detail.

The Right Budget

Another important consideration is budget. There’s no point spending a lot on a good designer if you then cant afford to make more than 1000 copies of your leaflet. The best approach is to work out your over all budget and know the number of copies you need before you start. Then, move on to getting quotes from print companies and designers. Only then can you decide where it’s best to spend your money!

A Strategy

The final prerequisite to a successful leaflet printing campaign is a solid strategy. You need to know exactly what you’re promoting, who your customer is, how you will distribute leaflets and where you’ll distribute them before you start. This is important as it can affect what will be on your design. For example if you know the leaflets will be handed out on the street, a map of where your shop is would be useful. If you didn't know that the leaflets would be handed out on the street, this could result in a missed opportunity.


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    Desmond Daniels

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    April 2013